Learn With Me

If you'd like to learn the guitar, lap slide or pedal steel guitar please get in touch.

I specialise in Americana, folk, blues, country and bluegrass music and teach open tunings, fingerstyle and slide technique as well as music theory, song writing, live performance and recording.


I have decades of experience and play live regularly and get a lot of requests to record on other peoples music and perform live. I am always incredibly busy and have limited availability but can usually make time for students who are motivated to learn and interested in roots styles of music.

I have taught many accomplished musicians, even late on in their careers, and everyone from complete beginners to music tutors. I love to take opportunities to study when I'm touring resulting in lessons, tips and techniques from some world class players.

For more information please use the contact form at the bottom of the page I'm happy to give advice and chat about your goals and have an array of contacts to recommend if I'm not the right tutor for you.